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Loft in space Loft in space Loft in space Loft in space
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On June 22&23 dreams become reality. LOFT IN SPACE FESTIVAL is the ongoing discovery and exploration of energy we’ve been working on in Vera for over 3 years now. Now it’s time to move on an take a leap into bringing those nights together in a Weekender! In two days & two nights we’ll transform EM2 in Groningen and everything around it into a festival area with 5 stages, filled with the best DJ’s, Bands and other curated entertainment we can think off to start your summer. Get your ticket and join the ride.




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EM2 Groningen - Energieweg 10, Groningen

Minerva art academy
Brouwerij Martinus
Konvooi Exceptioneel
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Jan Hamstra